Recommended PC specifications

Improvements in Wilcom ES 2006 SP2

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Recommended PC specifications

Check that your PC meets the system requirements. Check CPU/RAM as well as hard disk space. The table

below provides minimum and recommended system requirements.

Hardware Item Minimum Requirements Recommended

CPU Pentium III (800 MHz) or higher Pentium IV (2 GHz) or higher

Operating System Windows 2000 / Win XP SP1 ‡ Windows XP Professional SP2 or later

Internet Connection For access to Wilcom website for

regular product information and


Browser IE 6.0 IE 6.0 or above

Memory (RAM) 256 MB 1 GB (for running multiple applications)

Hard Disk Size 8 GB 20 GB or more, especially for database


Free Hard Disk space † 1 GB after installation More than 2 GB after installation if

running multiple applications

Graphics Card Support for High Color (16-bit) and high

resolution (1024 x 768)

32 MB or higher graphics card (nonintegrated)

Monitor ¥ 17" at 1024 x 768 resolution 20" at 1152 x 864 or larger

Scanner, Printer and/or


Windows compatible, any connection

method-e.g. parallel, USB

Serial Ports Standard COM port if connecting to an

embroidery machine via direct serial

connection or Wilcom DCi. Note: To

connect multiple machines consult

Service Pack 2 for Wilcom ES 2006 10/05/2006 1

your local Wilcom Support.

USB Ports Dedicated USB port (V1.0 or V2.0) Dedicated USB port (V1.0 or V2.0)

Mouse Serial, PS/2 or USB mouse PS/2 or USB mouse

Data drives CD-ROM drive for software installation Backup device-e.g. CD/DVD burner,

tape backup, removable hard drive

Sound card Not required Required for multimedia training


Supported operating systems ‡

Wilcom ES 2006 and Wilcom DW 2006 do not support Win98, Win ME, or Windows NT. ES Designer, ES

Design Explorer, and Wilcom DW 2006 all require IE 6.0 or higher-IE 6.0 is included with the Wilcom ES

installation CD and is also available from the Microsoft website.

Free Hard Disk space †

Wilcom ES 2006 occupies up to 200 Mb of hard disk space, depending on the options installed.

Wilcom DW 2006 free hard disk requirement depends on the installation type. The following are indicative

figures only:

Client: min 200 MB

Server: min 2 GB.

Average 1000 designs will occupy 150 MB of disk space.

Screen resolution ¥

Some controls may be hidden on the user interface if you run your monitor at low resolutions. The physical size

of your monitor will have a bearing on the optimum screen resolution.

Improvements in Wilcom ES 2006 SP2

General digitizing and user interface

General system speed

In the current ES 2006 release, customers report problems with response time while digitizing. Speed problems

have been identified when tabbing from inputs and runs, opening designs, using travel tools, and opening the

Color-Object List. These problems have now been rectified.

Traveling by stitches

With the current ES 2006 release, traveling through designs by stitches is slow especially with the Object

Properties dialog open (the Underlay tab in particular). Certain fields blink while traveling. This problem has now

been rectified.

Object selection state in Color-Object List and Design Window

With the current ES 2006 release, the selection states of objects in the Color-Object List and Design Window do

not always correspond. If objects are grouped and then ungrouped, they stay highlighted in the Color-Object List

but fail to stay highlighted in the Design Window. This problem has now been rectified.

Show Repeats standard in Level 45 and 65

With the ES 2006 SP2 release, the Show Repeats command is now standard for ALL machine formats (not just

Schiffli) in Level 45 and Level 65.

Show Bitmaps/Vectors when viewing by colors

With the current ES 2006 release, the Show Bitmaps and Show Vectors toggles do not work when viewing

designs by colors. This problem has now been rectified.

Service Pack 2 for Wilcom ES 2006

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